Meet the team of dentists and specialists that work together to improve your dental health. Learn more about the roles that each physician plays in the placement of your dental implants.

Typically, the surgery is performed by an oral surgeon and the restoration (tooth cap) is placed by your general dentist or prosthodontist. These dental specialists work together from start to finish on your dental implant consultation right up to your dental implant surgery.

Chief Implantologist
An Implantologist is a general dentist who performs both the surgical and restoration phases of the dental implant placement procedure.

Dr.Abhilash Ravindranath

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists specializing in surgery of the mouth, face and jaws. After five years of dental school, surgeons receive three years of hospital-based surgical and medical training, preparing them to do a wide range of procedures including all types of surgery of both the bones and soft tissues of the face, mouth and neck.


The prosthodontist examines and diagnoses disabilities caused by loss of teeth and supporting structures. They formulate and execute treatment plans for the construction of corrective prostheses to restore proper function and esthetics of the mouth, face, and jaw.